**WEATHER ALERT** OhFar Rain or Shine

No, not like that.....but we ARE going rain or shine..... What does this mean to you?  Well, probably some wet feet, a couple of choice words ifyou forget extra socks and no doubt 
the kind of frown that we're trying to avoid if you don't think ahead.  

As you know, OhFar is not just another 5K, it's a family day, a festival, a wine-tasting and more all wrapped up into one.....which means we want you to hang out for a while.  

NOTHING ruins a great day faster than the cold shiver of poor gear prep for you or your family........we hope you'll have some fun with it.....break out that fall sweater and tuck your corduroy pants into your rain boots.....but whatever you do, REMEMBER a post-race change of clothes.  Never been to an outdoor fall festival?  Not sure if your fashion sense will keep you cozy in any weather?  Well, check out some of our favorite styles below and see what you can do......

 The "dry at all costs" approach  If you're REALLY REALLY worried about getting wet go for this one......
suggested for OhFar Mawsynram (go ahead, look it up). 
The "Ultimate Poncho"
When cool is just not enough.....SUAVE'
The "Cute as a Button" Look
Prepared for the worst, but expecting the best.  That's a happy camper.
Fido's Friend
Hello, this is a pet festival.
The "Epcot-brella"
Brilliant......unless you stumble onto giant fairway somewhere.....beware of that.