The Races

(1) ELITE 8K
On October 8th, 2011, BaseCamp31 a non-profit organization that supports Human Excellence through Extraordinary Experience and the home of the Pro-Activity Conditioning and Endurance Racing (PACER) will challenge some of the area's finest running athletes to go all out and claim victory in an absolutely beautiful but incredibly challenging four loop 8K course designed to test them as they pursue some the nation's highest running honors.  Professionals and a limited number of qualifying elite age-groupers alike will step off the tracks and leave the road to come together and take-on a course that features open terrain, challenging climbs and hay-bale's not likely there will be any PR's on this day.....but you can expect a gutsy effort unlike anything you've seen....up-close and personal.

About the Race Course
Valley Crest Farm and Preserve has been named the Official Race Site for OhFar 2011.
You will run through and around a section of the 150 rolling acres that make up the Valley Crest Farm and Preserve.  The course, which was modeled after some of the best XC Courses we've seen and is counter-clockwise.
  • starts with slight downhill into a natural funnel through the premium tailgating section of the campus where rowdy fans will get an up-close view of the racers 4 times including the finish.
  • veers right into the first ascent into a long straight-away into the two technical turns

  • following the "2-lefts" runners will go from grassy to wooded as they make their way past the half-way point 
  • as racers emerge from the woods they will run along horse paddocks and a huge vegetable field up the final ascent 

(2) OPEN "Mortals Run"
Didn't qualify for the elite race?  No worries, we've got you (and the rest of us mortal humans) covered.  All non-qualifying runners will automatically
be entered into the OPEN Division (a.k.a. "Mortals Run") and run the elite 8K course as listed above.  Need to know more?  Here's a few more details... 
  • you will cover multiple types of terrain: field, wooded, farm-road
  • you will do some climbing (this is the "O'er Hills" race)
  • you will do some descending (what goes up must come down)
  • you will get automatic entry into the harvest festival
  • you will enjoy the Oktoberfest Bier Garden on us (if you choose)
  • you will test your limits (this race is not for the faint at heart)
  • you will enjoy one of the most beautiful fall courses available
  • you will surprise yourself

(3) Spectator Dash, Fun Run and Events for all Ages
Perhaps you're not quite up to the full 8K course distance or maybe you have some young budding endurance athletes in tow or maybe you're afraid your lederhosen might chafe after more than 1 mile.....for all of these reasons and more, THESE FREE RACES ARE FOR YOU.  Multiple heats, with varying distances from the "Toddler Dash" all the way through a High-School Challenge will be available.

Race heats are continuing to form and will be based on participation, so let us know that you're interested by CLICKING HERE and completing the form.