Event Day Details

A great race experience comes down to the little things and we are trying to create a great racing experience......so here are a few details that you might just want to know. 


 Timing for all races will be managed so that results 
will be posted before day's end.  Given the unique
"authentic style" cross-country of our events, USATF does not sanction our courses, however rest assured, we've taken every measure necessary to ensure you'll have a phenomenal racing experience on only the most picturesque landscapes.  Need a sneak peak...check these shots of portions of the course, or see the video on the main page!

RELIEF: Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate right?  Well, if you subscribe to that strategy you know what follows all that hydration......having been participants in many-a-race, we know that there can NEVER be enough porta-johns on race day.  To try and balance the slight unknown of an inaugural race and the need for quick access when racing and "fest-ing" are happening all at the same place, we'll be putting the relief right in the center of it all.  Both single stalls and larger accessible stalls will be available.

PARKING:  As you enter the Vineyard you will be guided to the onsite parking.  To ensure cars do not cross the course at any point, parking may be limited to the first 500 cars.  Due to the local traffic patterns and small country roads that surround the farm & preserve, on-street parking will NOT be available in any capacity and we have been informed that ticketing and towing may occur if cars are parked on the road.  


ADMISSION:  Entrance into the Harvest & Wine Festival is free to runners and included in race registration, however spectators seeking entrance into the festival and wine tastings will be required to pay $20 to Unionville Vineyards.

FOOD/DRINKS/VENDORS: A wide array of food, drinks, soups, deserts, and "bevies" will be available during the festival in designated food and drink areas with the majority of the proceeds going toward "our cause(s)".  We encourage you to bring friends and families, feed them well and have a great time by bringing your business to our vendors.   At this time, it is unclear if we will be able to accept credit/debit cards, so please bring cash.

GAMES & ACTIVITIES:  It is important to us that EVERY attendee have a great experience and therefore, several games and activities for children, pets (and you playful adults) are planned throughout the day.  Games & Activities will be "paused" a few times throughout the day (during marquee race events).  In addition FREE kids
races will be available during the midday.