Coalition for Animals (CFA) is a 501(c) (3), community based non-profit organization with a mission for all people to "Evolve to Non Violence." We commit our resources to education and activities for the end of all animal domination. We strive to promote respect and protection for all sentient creatures, wild and domestic, local and global. We advocate a humane lifestyle and sharing the environment with all animals in peace and harmony.

Coalition for Animals was founded in 1994 confronting multiple issues involving animal abuse. Today CFA acts as an umbrella organization for a number of grass-root groups for networking and sharing resources. The subsidiary groups work together for the common goal that all animals have the right to live their lives free from physical and psychological pain. We believe that all animals have inherent rights.

Center for Educational Advancement (CEA):  Imagine if everyone had the same opportunities in this world.....if everyone was truly on a level playing field.  The CEA, an organization based in Flemington, NJ believes that with the right educational system and opportunities, the world would indeed be a better place and we ALL would be better for it and for the last 40+ years has sought to make this a reality for adults with special needs.  Founded in 1970 by family members of adults with a disability, CEA is a not-for-profit org with the mission to empower people with special needs through education and employment.  CEA provides itself on providing training, employment and other support to people with various disabilities, helping them to achieve financial independence through a paycheck.  CEA believes that no person should be denied the right to work and become an independent member of their community read more on the CEA Website.

PACER (Pro-Activity Conditioning and Endurance Racing Team) is a division of the Institute for Human Excellence of New Jersey (IHENJ) with a charter of the pursuit of facilitating extraordinary experiences in the realm of endurance sports.  The PACER Club, open to all, facilitates a culture of health and fitness through endurance sports.  Members are encouraged to compete at a level consistent with their fitness goals and strive to make a positive impact through community outreach events.

New Jersey New York Track Club: Call it like it is, pursuing your dreams can be a costly endeavor.....especially if your dreams involve a training schedule that requires two-a-days as the norm; but the pain, the sweat, the tears and the effort are all worth it for the chance to run with Old Glory emblazoned on your chest as you represent the greatest country in the world at the highest level in the world.

YES....the athletes we are supporting understand this and YES, they are that good.  However, without the support of their friends, families and communities, the financial burden is just too great to get there.....not the training burden......not the talent burden.....the financial burden.

BaseCamp31 a small non-profit organization that supports Human Excellence through Extraordinary Experiences is doing our part to allay that burden.  A large portion of the proceeds received from "OhFar" will be donated back to the NJNY Track Club: "East Coast's Running at its Best"....